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Help on hand for separating couples

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A Shrewsbury legal firm is urging couples to seek legal advice if thinking of separating – as this time of the year sees the largest number of divorces taking place.

Figures show that the beginning of the year is the time when many people decide to separate.

“The first few months of the year are when many people make important decisions about their future,” said Robert Adams, who specialises in family matters at Wace Morgan Solicitors, based in Belmont.

“It seems that being with their partner over the holiday period for a prolonged length of time, combined with the New Year and looking for a new start, means that many decisions to divorce are taken.

“A fresh start to the year and to a future life is always attractive. But we advise that before people take any action they must see how the legal landscape lies, especially if there are children involved.

“We’re certainly not celebrating a busy January because people ask us for divorce advice but we are pleased when our expertise helps someone start a new life once they have concluded that this is the path they want to take.

“Divorce can be one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life – it is an issue to be taken seriously and handled carefully,” said Mr Adams.

Wace Morgan has a team of nine family lawyers who between them have 150 years’ experience of cases involving divorce and family breakdowns. The firm is offering a free 20-minute consultation to people who want to discuss the legal implications of divorce or separation.

For further information please contact Robert Adams on 01743 280 100