Legal updates and Seminars

Wace Morgan Armed Forces Information Day

27th November, 2019

  Wace Morgan Solicitors, one of Shropshire’s leading law firms and specialists in legal issues affecting military personnel, is holding an Armed Forces Information Day on Friday 6th December Armed Forces Personnel, Veterans and their… >>MORE

Local lawyer welcomes Welsh care cost changes

23rd May, 2018

A legal expert specialising in elderly care has welcomed a change to the law in Wales brought in last month. Welsh ministers have announced that people will only have to pay the full cost of… >>MORE

Free advice for Shropshire couples

19th January, 2018

A Shropshire family mediation service is opening its doors to offer free help for people who are facing separation and aren’t sure where to turn. Wace Morgan Family Mediation Service will help people find out… >>MORE

Rise in ‘private’ divorces in the county

18th January, 2018

A Shropshire solicitor has reported a dramatic increase in ‘private’ divorce hearings in the county. Robert Adams, who specialises in family law with Wace Morgan Solicitors of Shrewsbury, says that delays caused by court closures… >>MORE

Expert warns unmarried couples

17th November, 2017

Hundreds of unmarried couples in Shropshire are at risk of losing everything if their relationship breaks down, a family law expert has warned. Robert Adams of Shrewsbury-based Wace Morgan Solicitors has called on such couples… >>MORE

Lawyers ‘working to cut NHS litigation’ costs

13th October, 2017

A Shropshire legal expert working with personal injury claimants in the county has responded to reports that the rising cost of litigation is threatening the financial health of the regional NHS trusts. Clare Dalby, of… >>MORE

Home buyers urged to seek early advice

21st September, 2017

When moving home, everyone wants the selling and buying process to be as easy and smooth as possible. The key to this, according to a Shropshire legal firm, is to instruct a solicitor as soon… >>MORE

Employment specialist highlights Supreme Court ruling

27th July, 2017

A Shropshire solicitor who specialises in employment law has highlighted a ruling against employment tribunal costs. The Supreme Court has handed down its long awaited judgment on fees for those bringing employment tribunal claims –… >>MORE

‘Home healthcheck’ service offered

27th April, 2017

A Shropshire legal firm is offering a new service to help make selling a home easier and quicker. The conveyancing team at Wace Morgan Solicitors, based in Shrewsbury, is providing a ‘property healthcheck’ for clients…. >>MORE

‘Attorney card’ introduced by Wace Morgan

A new emergency contact card has been developed by a Shropshire legal firm to complement Health and Care Lasting Powers of Attorney. Wace Morgan Solicitors, based in Shrewsbury, is introducing the ‘Health and Care Cards’… >>MORE

Legal letter ‘best way to chase debt’

20th April, 2017

Using a legal firm when chasing unpaid invoices is the best way to ensure quick payment, according to new research. Newly-published figures show that two thirds of letters sent by a firm of solicitors result… >>MORE

Take legal advice over LPAs

2nd February, 2017

A Shropshire solicitor who specialises in working with elderly people has issued guidance about how to draw up a vital legal document. Fiona Barnes, a partner with Shrewsbury-based Wace Morgan Solicitors, is urging people to… >>MORE

Free mediation advice for Shropshire families

13th January, 2017

A Shropshire family mediation service is opening its doors to offer free help for people who are facing a post-Christmas separation and aren’t sure where to turn. Wace Morgan Family Mediation Service in Shrewsbury will… >>MORE

Law firm launches ‘Digital Assets’ campaign

30th November, 2016

A Shropshire law firm has launched a campaign to encourage people to think about their ‘digital assets’. Wace Morgan Solicitors, based in Shrewsbury, is urging people to consider what should happen to their online accounts… >>MORE

Shropshire solicitor’s will warning

4th October, 2016

A Shropshire solicitor has warned of the importance of making a will after seeing an increase in family disputes over inheritance. Emma Jacobs, who works for Shrewsbury-based Wace Morgan Solicitors, says that nationally such clashes… >>MORE

Legal scheme helping families

10th June, 2016

A Shropshire legal firm which introduced a new scheme in response to government cuts to Legal Aid is reporting a continuing interest in the initiative. Wace Morgan Solicitors, which has its head office in Shrewsbury… >>MORE

Shropshire lawyer gives stamp duty warning

17th February, 2016

A Shropshire lawyer who specialises in property legislation has warned buyers to be aware of new Stamp Duty Land Tax provisions coming in from April bringing in higher rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax on… >>MORE

Free advice for separating Shropshire couples

13th January, 2016

A Shropshire family mediation service is opening its doors to offer free of charge help for people who are facing a post-Christmas separation and aren’t sure where to turn. Wace Morgan Family Mediation Service, based… >>MORE

‘Be prepared’ warning to business owners

28th May, 2015

A stark warning has gone out to Shropshire and mid-Wales business owners who fail to be prepared for a personal crisis. Wace Morgan Solicitors, which has offices in Shrewsbury and Newtown, is urging company owners… >>MORE

Help for estranged grandparents at hand

26th May, 2015

A growing number of Shropshire grandparents are seeking help and advice after they have been denied access to their grandchildren. Figures just announced show the Grandparents Association received more than 8,000 calls in 2014 after… >>MORE

Partner welcomes mediation report

3rd March, 2015

A Shropshire solicitor who specialises in mediation work has welcomed a new report which aims to keep disputes between neighbours out of court. The Ministry of Justice study aims to divert hundreds of acrimonious and… >>MORE

Solicitors group marks milestone

23rd February, 2015

A specialist Shropshire legal group is marking its 15th anniversary. The county branch of national organisation Solicitors for the Elderly cut a cake to celebrate the milestone. Liz Holdsworth, who set up the group in… >>MORE

Making a will ‘even more important’ urges lawyer

8th October, 2014

A Shropshire lawyer is urging people to make a will following changes to the law which could affect who receives their money. Fiona Barnes, a partner with Shrewsbury-based Wace Morgan Solicitors, says that alterations to… >>MORE

Lawyer warns about elderly care fees

22nd September, 2014

A Shropshire legal expert is urging elderly people and their families to fight against care charges being wrongfully imposed by the local authority. Nicola Hawes, of Wace Morgan Solicitors, says that hundreds of care home… >>MORE

Nicola Hawes to give advice on care costs

8th July, 2014

An event which will help people to plan for their future is being organised in Craven Arms this month. Nicola Hawes, a key member of our elderly care team, will be one of the main… >>MORE

“Time running out” on care cases in Wales

9th June, 2014

A regional law firm is urging people to assess whether they or their family have been wrongfully charged for care fees as the deadline for reviews of such cases in Wales is looming. The specialist… >>MORE

Dementia Awareness Week 18-24th May 2014

16th May, 2014

Dementia is a serious and progressive disease that leads to memory loss and communication problems, often making life confusing. So to help sufferers and their families many organisations will be taking part in Dementia Awareness… >>MORE

Partner qualifies as civil and commercial mediator

11th February, 2014

A Shropshire solicitor has just qualified as a mediator, enabling him to offer a new service to clients. Chris Detheridge, litigation partner at Wace Morgan Solicitors of Shrewsbury, is now an accredited civil and commercial… >>MORE

Help on hand for separating couples

A Shrewsbury legal firm is urging couples to seek legal advice if thinking of separating – as this time of the year sees the largest number of divorces taking place. Figures show that the beginning… >>MORE

Specialist lawyer strengthens links with Charity

A specialist Shropshire lawyer has strengthened his links with a leading brain injury charity. Jeremy Taylor, who heads the personal injury department at Wace Morgan Solicitors of Shrewsbury, has been re-accredited to join the panel… >>MORE

Solicitor responds to RAF compensation case

2nd December, 2013

The Shrewsbury solicitor at the centre of the female RAF recruits case has said that their five year battle to receive compensation has highlighted an endemic problem at RAF Halton. Jeremy Taylor, a partner with… >>MORE

Shropshire solicitors backs domestic violence move

26th November, 2013

A Shropshire solicitors, which operates a domestic violence helpline, has welcomed new legisation to tackle the issue. It has just been announced that Clare’s Law, which enables people to check the police record of their… >>MORE

Mediation service in demand

20th November, 2013

A Shrewsbury law firm has reported that more and more separating couples are turning to mediation as an alternative to taking court proceedings, a Shrewsbury legal firm has reported. Wace Morgan Solicitors, based in Belmont,… >>MORE

New legal scheme steps in to help

8th October, 2013

A new scheme which has stepped in to help Shropshire and mid Wales families left without access to Legal Aid is proving to be successful. The ‘Legal Ease’ initiative has been launched by county firm… >>MORE

Solicitors in fight over care charges

6th August, 2013

A firm of Shropshire solicitors, which has successfully obtained almost £2 million for county residents wrongfully charged for care fees, is urging people to ensure that family members are assessed for ‘Continuing Healthcare’ when discharged… >>MORE

Legal aid is not dead!

29th July, 2013

Legal aid is no longer available for most people going though a separation or divorce. However, legal aid is not dead and is still available for mediation, subject to financial eligibility assessment. Mediation is an… >>MORE

Lawyer’s warning on new fees

A Shropshire solicitor has issued a warning to employees and employers of a major amendment to employment regulation. Keir Hirst, who specialises in this sector of the law with Wace Morgan Solicitors of Shrewsbury, says… >>MORE